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Happy endings

We have many stories of happy endings, here are just a few ......

Lea's story 


"When we collected Lea from Leicester she was understandably very scared and confused after such an epic journey. When we arrived home she didn't want to come in the house and would bolt out of the door at any given chance. Within 4 days she refused to go outside because it was raining ! It didn't take her long to get used to her home comforts and little luxuries. She has gone from being very scared of everything and everyone to wanting to be everyone's friend and is first in the queue with her leader at walk time. She learned recall very quickly and we have been able to let her off the leader for some time now. She loves to lie in on a morning and enjoys lying toasting herself in my parents conservatory. She has also become incredibly fussy about what she eats too! She is a very loving and gentle dog who has settled into her new life better than I could ever have hoped for. We have had no issues with her what so ever. If anyone is thinking of adopting a dog from Romania do it !! You won't regret it."

- Lindsay, Lea's adopter

Basil's story


"We first came into contact with Basil as fosterers. He was a lot bigger than our other dogs but got on with them on the whole. Initially he was in his shell and sat in his bed nearly all the time and there was little interaction with us. He also refused to walk through doorways. Slowly he began to open up. As Basil has heartworm, which we are treating, he can't go on long walks so we walk him up and down the street. These walks he enjoys mainly due to meeting his "fans" who all call him Baz. Terry at the end of the road gives him chews. Constance who is 100years old shares her meat paste sandwich with him. Frank often has something for him. And of course there is Lily the husky who ignores him but who he would love to play with. The thing that is hardest is getting him to lose weight as he loves his dinner and treats. The most important thing in his life is my husband who he adores. This was a factor in our deciding to adopt him as we knew he couldn't live without his Dad. And this is his home"

- Barbara, Basil's adopter

Dylan's story


"Ros at Animal Helpline knew what she was doing when she introduced us to little Sammy it was love at first sight. He gave us quite a scare when he jumped our 6ft fence into next doors garden but made us laugh when Luke started to climb over to get him back and he jumped back into our garden. Since then he's been happy to be in his own garden and sits for hours watching the birds and squirrels feeding off the bird table, giving chase now and again. He's full of mischief and loves playing with his toys. We have just had our first holiday with him, he loved every minute, jumping on our bed in the mornings, nibbling our ears and dragging our duvet off to get us up ready for a new day. He loved splashing around in the sea and playing with our other dogs Bonnie and Buddy. Dylan is such a joy to have around and we all love him dearly".
Abby, Dylan's adopter

Molly's story 

"Molly joined us at 9 months old, she was a bit unsure of everything at first but she quickly grew into a beautiful and confident dog.

She makes us smile and laugh every day with her playful loving nature and absolute enthusiasm for everything. We love all our walks, and Molly loves meeting doggy friends, old or new. She has become a large part of our lives and we are so grateful to Anca for finding her, taking her in & sending her to us"- 

Claire, Molly's adopter

Rosy's story 

"Rosy was in Romania for four years and was saved by Anca . She was one of the first ones to come over to the UK. She was in my local rescue for 12 months until I saw her and took her home to foster as she was terrified of people and I felt so sorry for her.

I've now had her for 15 mths and I have adopted her, she is a beautiful , loving cuddle monster now. She is still afraid of people she doesn't know but she has come on amazingly. She has a safe loving home now for the rest of her life"
- Lesley, Rosy's adopter

Tedi's story


"Having already adopted a Romanian stray, we decided one wasn't enough. Having seen a video of Tedi at about 5 weeks old wandering the streets, we instantly fell for him and couldn't leave him out there. He arrived with us at about 4 months old and instantly befriended our other dog Charlie.

It did take a little while for him to settle, but this would be the same with any puppy. We couldn't wish for a better dog, all he wants to do is please !


He is amazing with my children and they get him to sit, lie down etc.. He's big, but a gentleman. Everyone who meets him adores him"
- Helen, Tedi's adopter

Archie's story

"Archie now has the perfect life in Cornwall, which he shares with his new mum and dad, another Romanian rescued dog called Negri and a UK rescue dog called Jess.

He also has 8 cat "brothers and sisters " rescued from the UK, Romania, Bulgaria and Egypt. Not forgetting his larger "brothers",two rescued ponies, that he has daily walks to the nearby fields to see.

Archie has settled in like he's always been there and apart from the odd chewing incident on shoes and such like,he is the most perfect little dog for this multi cultural rescued animals home and couldn't be loved anymore if they tried!"

- Archie's adopter 

Tarzantica's story

I was only around 9 months old when I found myself on the streets in Romania. Some people were nice but sadly more were not. It was hard to know who to trust but I was lucky and found Momma Anca. So even Momma Anca could not keep us safe all the time. A few times we were caught on nasty wire collars by evil men and taken to a terrible place. I hated those places and was so relieved when I was back with Momma Anca again. I love her so very much. I felt so sad for her as she tries so hard to look after us. Over the years I got very clever and made sure I didn't get caught again. As I did not want to cause Momma Anca any more sorrow. I was so scared the day they took me away. I thought this is it, I've seen so many leave this way and never come back. I'd always thought keeping myself to myself, had stopped me from being taken in the past. That day I left Romania to reach a place called the UK. The truck pulled up and I heard my name and strange voices. My lovely travelling companion ushered me out and the next thing I knew I was in the back of a car with 2 strange people talking funny at me.The breeze through the window was good, so I put my head down and went to sleep, not knowing what would happen next.They put me on a lead and tried to coax me outside but I was having none of it. Sat down and refused to move, I didn't know what was out there. OK go on then, I'll risk it for that nice smelly stuff…..cheese ummm yummy. After a couple of days I got bored with my kennel and wondered what everyone else was doing, so I went to investigate. 5 weeks later .... I love life ! I sure am a big happy old Tarz - Abby, Tarz's adopter 

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